Dog Days


This guy showed up on our front porch Saturday, cold, wet, and scared. I fell in love with him immediately. We fed him, gave him treats and water, and a blanket. My sister and I stayed on the porch with him, hoping someone would drive by and claim him. But hours went by, and nothing. I posted his photo on Facebook and asked my friends to share it in case his owners saw it. Still nothing by the end of the day. We brought him inside and learned he’s a gentle giant, terrified of our toy poodle and pomeranian. He was just so sweet and precious, following us around, lying at our feet. When no one claimed him, my cousin called and said collie’s are her favorite dog and she’s always wanted one and if no one claims him, she’d love to have him.

It was obvious he’d been neglected. His hair was matted, dirty, filled with sticky things and twigs. So the first thing she did when she got him home is bathe and brush him and…..


Now look! He’s gorgeous! She said he’s doing well, eating well, and her little girls LOVE him, and he’s very good with them.  I can’t wait to go visit him.


4 thoughts on “Dog Days

  1. He sure is handsome! How nice of you to take him in and help him, and it’s so good to know he got a great home! I’ve heard collies are wonderful family dogs. What did she name him?

    • I guess I should have updated this story, because we found his owners. A lovely older couple who were very sad to have lost him. They cried when they got him back. He’s actually 12 years old, which is 2 years older than Collies usually live. They’ve had him since he was 6 weeks. It’s was an awesome ending. And his name is Laddie. I miss his beautiful face now though. But they live right down the road from me so I can go visit and bring him treats. 🙂

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