Oh, before I succumb to my knitting fever, here’s a hat I just finished. Great look for summer, no?



Knitting Again

I started this beginner scarf around this time LAST YEAR. I haven’t picked up a pair of needles since. But that’s about to change, as I try, once again, to master the art of knitting.


Better start from scratch to refresh my memory. I’ve never gotten past the basics, and my attempts at knitting in the round can only be described as epic failures. So wish me luck. I’d really love to finally get it right. I see SO MANY gorgeous knitting patterns that I want to try, and I’m tired of not being able to make them.

So crochet is on hold for a while, and knitting gets to take over my weekend.

Currently Reading

Currently Reading

I didn’t do a book recommendation last week because the book I tried to read last week was NOT good. So, moving on. I don’t read a lot of non-fiction these days, which is sad, because it was pretty much all I read in high school. I usually stick to serial killers books and true crime when I do read non-fiction these days. So I guess this is in the same vein. Only 6% in and I love it. The descriptions of the deep south I know and love so well are exquisite. I LOVE history, especially southern history, and what happened in Memphis that day in 1968 is a devastating but vastly important part of our history, both the the United States as a whole and the South.

So this is how I’m going to spend my Friday night: taking a benadryl or 2 (egh allergies), and getting into bed and snuggling with the dogs and reading until I fall asleep.

Getting ready for strawberry shortcake!

Getting ready for strawberry shortcake!

Spent the morning washing, cutting, and freezing the bulk of the strawberries we got yesterday. Of course we’re keeping some out for shortcake for a Memorial Day cookout. We try to store as much as we can during the sadly short strawberry season so we’ll have them throughout the year. I’d really like to try my hand at some homemade strawberry jam this summer also…