Handmade Envelopes

An old 2011 calendar that’s been hanging useless on my wall suddenly served as the inspiration for some jewelry envelopes. One should never waste photos of Norma Jean!


There are tons of FREE envelope templates online. I like this one because it’s perfect for earrings. Just print it out, cut it out, and then I recommend using cardboard because you’ll need something sturdy when tracing.

Here are some to choose from: http://www.creativebloq.com/design/envelope-templates-2131850


After that, use the cardboard to trace the envelope pattern onto the BACK of whatever you’re using to make the envelope. Cut it out, and then score it. My Martha Stewart scoring board was a great investment. $18 and I can now make envelopes and boxes out of pretty much anything. You see people sell pretty envelopes online, and before I was tempted to get some. But I was looking at the fancy paper in a store one day, and I realized I can just make my own. It’s actually really easy.


Then just fold on the scoring lines and glue it.


Taaa-daaaa. Quick and easy. Mine still aren’t perfect. It does take practice to get the lines perfectly crisp and precise.


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