My First Offical Knitting Project

Big shout out to for helping me get started with this!

I am forcing myself NOT to crochet all week so that I can hone my knitting skills. I’m excited, even though I already had to start over on this. I’m trying to avoid careless mistakes, but I’m so used to crocheting, when I can have my mind on something else and not worry about mistakes.

Anyway, I’ll be sure to post when I’m finished with it. May be a while, but I’ll get there.


4 thoughts on “My First Offical Knitting Project

  1. Good Luck! I am a crocheter (is that a word) too who has tried her hand at knitting and have the hardest time with it…just doesn’t move as smoothly as crochet, Good Luck!

  2. Good luck! I just hope I didn’t lead you in the wrong direction, especially after a shout-out! I have ultimate faith though, you can do it! Consider All Night Knits (aka Rachel) your own personal cheerleader!

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