Baby Pumpkin Hat




Baby Pinafore, Diaper Cover, Booties, & Hat

My cousin is currently expecting, and I’m about to hook her up with a ton of crochet baby stuff. Just finished this set. She’s due October 29th, and naturally I’m excited about her being a Halloween baby, so she’s definitely getting a pumpkin hat. I also have a hooded blanket in soft red, for Christmas, another pair of booties, and a couple of head bands. Photos to come!


Summer Earrings

Summer Earrings

Wearing my own creations? You bet! My ears actually aren’t pierced. I have tried 5 different times during my life, trying hypo-allergenic and every trick in the book, including putting string in the piercing hole to stave off infection. NOTHING has ever worked. So I gave up a while ago. My skin is so sensitive that even some perfumes leave welts on my skin. It’s kind of annoying. But no worries, because now I can make my own CLIP ON earrings.

“Sundown” by Natalya Zarraga

This is my sister-in-law, and she’s amazing. She wrote the lyrics and all music for this. Completely original. My brother, her husband, made and directed the video. That’s him making a guest appearance in the red blanket thing. Anyway, watch it! My bother has also made some short films that are equally amazing, albeit somewhat violent. I’ll probably share those some day also. What can I say? I come from a talented family.

Autumn Sunset Earrings and Autumn Owl Necklace

Fall is my favorite season, and obviously I’m already looking forward to it because I made these earrings and this necklace on a whim. I just felt like using the colors. Should be up in my shop soon. Listing items is my least favorite thing about this gig so I tend to put it off. But it must be done!

The earrings are made with 18k gold plated hoops and gold plated ear hooks. I used a very thin, delicate thread to make these earrings. Swarovski gems and tiny bronze beads are dangling.


Etsy Shop of the Week: Sugar Robot


I have the pleasure of presenting an Etsy shop that I have purchased from and can personally highly recommend. Sugar Robot makes exquisitely detailed edible cake decorations. From butterflies to skulls, Sugar Robot’s pieces are almost TOO beautiful to eat. For those like me, who love to make cakes and cupcakes for the holidays, but suck at decorating, this is perfect. Just make your cake or a batch of cupcakes, then add Sugar Robot’s edible decorations.

I made this fall leaf cake last Thanksgiving:


I will definitely be ordering from Sugar Robot again this year. Great product, great service, unique creations.