Ender’s Game / Next Read

Just finished Ender’s Game, and the fact that it was written in 1977 is kind of mind blowing. The descriptions about how Peter and Valentine were going to make up identities for the “nets” and no one know because you can be anyone on the net, well, enough said. The simulations and games, the strategies and training, all brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would like to read the other books in the saga, but right now I’m moving on to


I’m very apprehensive about this, but I’ve been thinking about reading it for years and there’s no time like the present.


5 thoughts on “Ender’s Game / Next Read

  1. I loved Ender’s Game, the other books I found a bit lacking – don’t let that detour you at all though. As for the Sookie Books, they are a deep, dark secret pleasure. They’re not literature, but they are like deep fried twinkles- so bad they’re good! 😉

    • That seems to be the general consensus about Ender’s Game and the other books. I’ll give the others a try eventually.

      I read a bit of Dead Until Dark last night, and am already annoyed with Sookie. She just seems so….white trash, hahaha. I won’t give up yet though.

      • I told you, deep fried twinkles. When you get further into the series (of which there are 13) they try to re-cap all the books….it’s insufferable. I think it was more my OCD that made me get through all the books- I had to start what I finished.
        Don’t get me wrong, there are aspects I like, it’s goofy fluff but sometimes that’s a good thing!

    • In a way, Ender’s Game reminded me of a sci-fi version of Harry Potter. I really think you’ll like it!

      After reading a little of Dead Until Dark last night, I really don’t like Sookie so far. As I said in my other comment, she just seems so damn trashy.

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