Summer Earrings

Summer Earrings

Wearing my own creations? You bet! My ears actually aren’t pierced. I have tried 5 different times during my life, trying hypo-allergenic and every trick in the book, including putting string in the piercing hole to stave off infection. NOTHING has ever worked. So I gave up a while ago. My skin is so sensitive that even some perfumes leave welts on my skin. It’s kind of annoying. But no worries, because now I can make my own CLIP ON earrings.


7 thoughts on “Summer Earrings

  1. *CLAPPING* You should get to wear your beautiful creations! Try salt water to keep you ears clean, it’s the most basic ( and the kindest) way to clean any sensitive areas – just in case the clip ons irritate your ears.

    • Thanks for the tip, I’ll definitely try that. My ears ached for a while after wearing the clip-ons all day. But I’m trying to get used it.

      • I hope you get used to it, you should get to wear your creations!

        OH – speaking of that – I wore your earrings to the party and people LOVED them! I should have asked for copies of your cards. As it was, I wrote down your shop name on pieces of paper 😉

      • Aww, that makes me happy. I never get tired of hearing that people like the stuff I make. Getting cards is on my to-do list.

  2. Your earrings are absolutely lovely!! They’re so colourful and vibrant…perfect for summer. 🙂
    I know what you mean! I tried piercing my ears several times, too. I developed an allergic reaction to the metal of the earrings every time. My mom just kept trying and when I was 14 it finally worked! Still, I always feel a little bit itchy when I wear them for too long. Go figure why this happens…

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