Creative Slump

Been a while, but I’ve been somewhat lazy and also in somewhat of a creative slump. One of those phases where nothing seems rights, all your ideas come out terribly, and you find flaws in every thing you do. This happens to me periodically, always has. It usually happens with the seasons, the transition period. Like now, summer will be ending soon, and then it will be the best season of all: FALL. But there’s this transition, where it’s not quite summer, not quite fall, and since I’m so obsessed with matching my life and projects to the seasons, it can get a bit frustrating.

I have managed to get some stuff done, although not enough, because there’s so much to do. I want to have a booth at a local event in November. I am terrified of this, and in the past, every time I’d planned to do a craft fair or show, I’ve chickened out. It’s hard for someone who hasn’t had anxiety all their lives to understand this, I guess. It’s such a curse. I’ve gotten better with certain things, but I still struggle. And when you’re trying to have your own creative business, there’s no room for feelings like that.

In other news, my dad is (probably) starting his own flea market. I’m excited and nervous about this. I’ll keep you updated on the progress. Lots of work to be done.

I’ve rambled on enough now. So enjoy the photos of the one thing I have manged to get finished this week. I’m in love with this baby booty pattern and want to make a million of them.


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