Crochet Problems

The worst possible thing that can happen to a crocheter or knitter is happening to me: an awful case of carpal tunnel. Last night I couldn’t even hold my kindle in my right hand. This is the worst thing at the worst possible time. Today I’m making fabric flowers and bows for the mini top hats to give my hand a little rest. But I can’t afford to let it rest for long. So much to be done. I’ve planned out the next 3 months and I’d like to stick to that schedule.



7 thoughts on “Crochet Problems

  1. Oh no!!!! Take care of yourself; ice,heat, regular anti-inflamatories and elevation!! If you can, sleep in a padded brace-it’ll keep you from curling your wrist when you sleep and compression gloves are a lifesaver!
    Take care- warm and fuzzy thoughts coming to you from the Buckeye State!!!!!

    • Slept with a brace on last night, and I think it helped. I didn’t crochet a thing yesterday, which was torture. Going to try it today.

      • Just give it time. I know how frustrating a hand injury can be, I also know that making it worse is more infuriating than the injury itself.
        I used to read knitting books and design books, just to hold over my crafty neediness 😉
        Lemme know if you need anything!

  2. I’ve had problems with my wrist because I work at a computer all day, and now I wear a special brace even when I’m not at work to help prevent problems. Maybe that would help?

  3. Hope your wrists are feeling better soon! I went through horrible withdrawal from knitting and crocheting on our week long move from FL to CO, so I kinda understand… but having crocheting cause pain has got to be a whole nother level of withdrawal in it self! 😦

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