Hemlock Grove – WATCH IT


It ain’t Twilight, which is what I was kind of expecting when I decided to watch it. Not even close. It’s more akin to Twin Peaks, with a decidedly more supernatural bearing. Apparently, critics hated it, and that’s why they’re critics, so they can get paid for spouting off useless opinions we ignore. While we may be left with more questions than answers, for me, that’s a sign of a well thought out plot. And there WILL be a season two, AND, it’s based on a book by Brian McGreevy, which I plant to read ASAP.

And since I mentioned it, if you’ve never watched Twin Peaks, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? I watch so many shows where the influence of Lynch’s style, especially in Twin Peaks, is so obvious to me, and it makes me sad that most people won’t know because they’ve never watched it.


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