PCOS and My Life

I don’t really talk about having PCOS on my blog because for me, it’s kind of a downer, and I like this to be happy, crafty, creative place. And I don’t want it to become a central part of my life. I say that, but it’s unavoidable. I guess I’m writing about it today because I’m so damn tired. Fatigue is one of my major symptoms, especially the 4 or 5 days before my “special time.” I become useless. I feel like jello. My eyes burn, and my body just kind of hovers over life.

I was diagnosed in January of 2011 after a year of horrors in which I gained about 80 pounds and had a constant period for 8 months. It was also during this time I started taking long naps every day. At first, I didn’t think much about it, but it kept getting worse. And then there’s the hypoglycemia. I hate this. It comes on so suddenly. I’ll be in the middle of something and I can feel it coming, cold sweat, dizzy, and then my hands are shaking like crazy and I feel like if I don’t get something to eat, preferably sweet, right then, I’ll die. Note – I am NOT a diabetic, been tested. This a direct result of the PCOS messing with my insulin. Insulin resistance is a huge part of it.

I currently take Yaz as a way to regulate my menstrual cycle and hormones, and it has been helpful. I started taking 1,000mg of Metformin in November of last year, but have recently stopped taking because aside from losing about 15 pounds right at the beginning, the only thing it did for me was give me major stomach upsets.

I try not to complain about having PCOS because it could be SO MUCH worse, and I know people who deal with much worse everyday. But I guess I’m finally blogging about it here, because it IS a part of my life, and even though I’ve tried to ignore it, I really need to start taking better care of myself and get my body and hormones under control. It has to be a permanent life style change, but I’m stubborn, and hate the idea that just because I have this stupid disease I have to change my life and habits.

I think of my life before this and it does seem more care free.

I look at pictures from a few years ago and think, damn, I look downright skinny then. I don’t feel bad about myself because of the weight gain, it’s just annoying when you’ve tried to lose it and you have to work twice as hard to see half the results normal people do. I’ve kind of embraced my inner fat girl though, haha. But I know I need to lose weight to get healthy and show this stupid disease who’s in charge. I just wish I wasn’t so TIRED.

Anyway, any one out there reading this who’s in a similiar situation feel free to comment with your story or just anything. I haven’t talked to that many women out there who have it because I stay pretty quiet about it, so I’d like to make some friends who are in the same boat.


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