Shades of Autumn Hooded Scarf



We’re on the cusp of fall now; can you feel it? I sure can, even though it’s still a bit warm here. The nights and mornings are getting chilly and if you look close enough, you can see the leaves beginning to change. It’s time for pumpkin EVERYTHING. I plan to indulge accordingly.

This scarf sat in my Etsy shop since last fall. Right now, my shop is in vacation mode for a number of reasons. One being we’re trying to flea market again this weekend. Honestly, I don’t expect anything at all. But I’ll go and give it a try anyway. Another reason is that my work room has gone from merely messy to nearly inaccessible. Doing a bit of rearranging, getting rid of stuff all throughout the house, and the only good stop to deposit the big things I plan to sell is in the craft room. I can’t even get to my desk right now. It’s just easier to put my shop on hold while I get some things done.

But I’m still working on stuff. Including more hooded scarves, baby booties, and arm warmers. And hopefully some awesome Halloween stuff.


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