Today I lost a best friend. For 16 years, he was here, and now I don’t know what to do. It happened so sudden. We thought he was just sick, turns out he had prostate and liver cancer, and we couldn’t let him suffer. He was 16 years old. He was loved, will always be loved, and his life was an adventure. We brought his body home and when everyone gathers, we will give him a proper burial. How will I get through the days without seeing his face? Seeing him dance around and play, even though he was old and had arthritis. His favorite food was homemade banana bread. He would go crazy over it, even waiting by the oven for it to get done. I’m so glad I made some the other day and that he got some. And that’s all I can say right now.  I just tell myself, he was suffering, and now he’s asleep and feels no pain.



4 thoughts on “RIP Taz

  1. I will pray for Taz and I send my deepest condolences to you…I exactly know how it feels as I have also suffered similar loses in the past…But rest assured, Taz is free now and is in a beautiful place but he will still miss his homemade banana bread….

  2. I’m sorry about Taz, Hannah. I lost my kitty Luna at about this time last year. She was suffering and i am glad she isn’t anymore, but it killed me when she died. Hang in there and know you made his time here the best ever. A lifelong pet is such a special gift. Hugs…..

    • Thank you so much. It’s been a hard few days. I know everyone who has a beloved pet has to go through this at some point, but it never makes it easy. I’m sorry about your kitty.

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