*woodland knits*

If I ever needed inspiration to get better at knitting. I am in LOVE.

tiny owl knits

ok, here it is! i mean here they are! allllll 21 patterns featured in the book. i know you may recognize some of them because half of them have been previously released on pdf.  i thought you might like to see them ALL together though…. so you can decide if there are enough patterns inside that you’d like to knit. 🙂

The patterns in the book include: Deer with Little Antlers Hat, Moonbeam Duster, Bo Peep Scarf, Tiny Violet Hand Puff, Fawn Poncho, Free Rapunzel!, Woodland Hoodlet, Meow Mitts, FairieWings, Dragon Watcher’s Hood, Mr Fox Stole My Heart, Juniper Wishing Scarf, Catching Butterflies, Garden Gate and Ivy, Seedpod purse, Oh My Bear!, Wanderwillows, Wildflower Crown, Spirit of the Birch, The Changeling Collar & Midsummer Night’s Dream.
In case you need the link you can get the book here on amazon:  *woodland knits.*

Q. aw tiny owl, i didnt win over the past 10 days! im so bummed cause i really really really really still want…

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5 thoughts on “*woodland knits*

      • It may be while before I get to do something so I keep the book on my coffee table so I can stare at it…dreamily;)

        I may actually have to ask you for help, some of the pattern have crochet in them as well. If you want to do any of these patterns and have questions, I will be your beck-and-call girl. Seriously, it would be worth it to see you knit all these dreamy things;)

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