Got the tree up!

Got the tree up!


Food, Fun, and Family

Just a couple photos from the day. It was a good one for me, and I hope it was for you as well! I’m still stuffed, so it’s time to relax and read a book.

Thanksgiving Prayer with William S. Burroughs

For John Dillinger
In hope he is still alive
“Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 1986″

Thanks for the wild turkey and the Passenger Pigeons, destined to be shit out through wholesome American guts
thanks for a Continent to despoil and poison
thanks for Indians to provide a modicum of challenge and danger
thanks for vast herds of bison to kill and skin, leaving the carcass to rot
thanks for bounties on wolves and coyotes
thanks for the American Dream to vulgarize and falsify until the bare lies shine through
thanks for the KKK, for nigger-killing lawmen feeling their notches, for decent church-going women with their mean, pinched, bitter, evil faces
thanks for Kill a Queer for Christ stickers
thanks for laboratory AIDS
thanks for Prohibition and the War Against Drugs
thanks for a country where nobody is allowed to mind his own business
thanks for a nation of finks—yes,
thanks for all the memories all right, lets see your arms you always were a headache and you always were a bore
thanks for the last and greatest betrayal of the last and greatest of human dreams.

Another Minion/Thanksgiving Prep

Apparently, Minions are very popular right now! Fine with me. They’re fun to make and so so cute. This one is going out for a Xmas present for someone’s little sister.


Business has been awesome lately, and I’m so thankful for that. Two orders just came in through my Etsy shop for some Alabama mohawk hats. As soon as I finish my current order (baby santa hat and headwrap) I’m moving on to them.  All this while getting ready for Thanksgiving. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but my mom has a very severe case of Rheumatoid Disease. She hurts all the time and stays tired constantly. One reason I still live at home at the rife old age of 26, is because I feel like she needs me around you, know? I do most of the cooking, grocery shopping, etc. And even though she always rallies enough to participate in the holidays, I’m so glad I’m here to help her and do most of the cooking. And for me, there’s no such thing as not going all out for the holidays. There’s no such thing as too much food, and we better be eating leftovers for a week.


So, busy week. If I don’t make it back here before Thanksgiving, have a great one!


I gave up trying to come up with my own pattern. It just wasn’t what I wanted, so I purchased this pattern on Etsy, and it was just what I needed. A friend from jr. high/high school just had twins and she asked if I’d make something like this for them.

Also just finished another minion hat. And next up is an order for a baby santa hat and a head wrap. I’ve been staying busy, and it feels awesome. Although, since the santa hat and headwrap don’t need to be made until after Thanksgiving, I think I’m taking the afternoon off. Mostly because I can’t stop reading this book:

68428[1]Definitely read it if you’re into fantasy!

Cabled Owls

Cabled Owls

I just wanna make a million of these. I decided to get some owl eyes instead of using buttons, because it’s cuter. I actually have several orders to fill though, so my personal preferences will have to wait. Tis the season! FOR ME TO MAKE MONEY. Hopefully.