Apple Crumble

It’s COLD out there today. And not just COLD, but WINDY. Wind chill of 18 tonight. And it only got up to mid 30s today. I didn’t really want to venture out into the elements today, but alas, have to get stuff done. Delivered some hats, went on a yarn run, which also included getting hot cocoa mix, peppermint bark, white chocolate coffee, and whipped topping. Yep, it’s cold. Anyway, before I left, I threw some apples and sundry other ingredients in the crock pot. It smelled amazing when I got back, but I wanted a crunchy topping, so I transferred the concoction to a baking dish, made a crumble topping, baked for half an hour, and voila! Delicious apple crumble for a cold day.

I only have one more hat to make, to be delivered Thursday, and I’ve already started, so I’m going to take a break, be lazy, cuddle my baby dog, and read for a bit. Hopefully I won’t fall asleep.


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