Rest in Peace, Evelyn.


Saturday morning, we were all set attend to my brother and sister-in-law’s graduation. Instead we got a call saying my sister-in-law’s mother had died. What started as a dizzy spell and a fall 4 months ago led to pneumonia, MRSA, septic shock, feeding tubes, ventilators and a whole slew of other problems. She fought it off for 4 months, but she just couldn’t hold on anymore.

One of the first posts I ever made on this blog was about meeting my sis-in-law’s parents for the first time when they moved here from Miami. They were originally from Cuba. They came to the states in the early 80s. I fell in love with this woman the first time I met her. She LOVED to talk about anything and everything. And I mean ANYTHING. She had a story for every topic imaginable. They moved here from Miami for a fresh start, and because they wanted to be close to Natayla, who of course moved here and married my brother. She was enrolled in business classes that were going to start in January. She and her husband, both amazing cooks, wanted to open a Cuban restaurant.  She was only 50 years old. I can’t believe she’s gone.

I just wanted to make a post here, a little tribute to an amazing woman who I was just getting to know when she died.


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