Knitting Adventures

Knitting Adventures

So, my circulars came in, and I was REALLY excited to make something, preferably a hat. But every pattern I look up requires DPNs to finish off. Which I don’t have and have never ever tried to use. No matter. I just ordered some. And while I’m waiting for them, I’m going to make THIS cowl. Looks easy, and I love the look!

Meanwhile, I’ve also been working on more crochet lacy fingerless gloves. I love this pattern because its quick and easy, but so elegant and dainty. I thought they’d be perfect for spring, so I’ve been using Springish colors.



One thought on “Knitting Adventures

  1. don’t you believe it when they say you need DPNs to finish a hat – you can use 2 circular needles instead – put half your stitches on one, the other half on the other and just go around. Or, if you have a long enough one, you can use Magic Loop (google it, there are lots of videos on how to)
    I personally hate DPNs, I am always losing them, and these two methods have saved me from never knitting hats and socks. 🙂

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