About: Welcome to My World…



Welcome to my world. It mostly consists of books, yarn, and music. And food. And dogs. It’s a good life.

The main purpose of this blog, at least when I first got it, is to share my creations with anyone who  may be interested. I’m a crocheter and jewelry maker who is attempting to make a living with my craft. It’s not an easy road. So you’ll find lots of posts about current projects, promotions for my shop, etc.



The other side of this blog is books (total bookworm, have been all my life), music, TV shows/movies I’m obsessed with (Doctor Who, Supernatural, Downton Abbey to name a few). And Food. Because I love food, cooking and baking. And probably photos of my dog, because he’s the love of my life.

I’m 26, living in the great Southern state of Tennessee. Despite the fact that I’m a hardcore liberal living in the heart of conservatism, I could never live anywhere else. The south is my home; it’s in my blood. I love it here.

And relationship status?

97e9055ff27da882364002f75dde25f4[1]Yep, I’m gonna die alone. And my dogs will probably have eaten my body by the time anyone notices. I’m cool with it.


This is my phone number. But don’t call, because I won’t answer.


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