Hooded Cowl

Hooded Cowl

Making progress! This is the first thing I’ve made in the round, and I love it. And yes, I’m using the dreaded Super Saver yarns, but I didn’t want to use good yarn on my first project, just in case. Anyway, I found a good trick for making it much softer that I’m going to try.


Knitting Adventures

Knitting Adventures

So, my circulars came in, and I was REALLY excited to make something, preferably a hat. But every pattern I look up requires DPNs to finish off. Which I don’t have and have never ever tried to use. No matter. I just ordered some. And while I’m waiting for them, I’m going to make THIS cowl. Looks easy, and I love the look!

Meanwhile, I’ve also been working on more crochet lacy fingerless gloves. I love this pattern because its quick and easy, but so elegant and dainty. I thought they’d be perfect for spring, so I’ve been using Springish colors.


Dog Sweater – Finished

You guys, I am so proud of myself for finishing this! Knitting is still a challenge for me, but I’m getting better. My dog is a total dandy and loves wearing clothes so he was so excited when I showed him this. No, really, he got excited and wanted to put it on. I ❤ him. Look how cute and perfect my baby is.



I have tried so many times before to master magic loop circular knitting, but I’d always get frustrated/impatient and give up. But this time, I DID IT. Mostly thanks to this awesome tutorial over at Tin Can Knits

Now I just have to practice until I’m comfortable with it, and then maybe I  can make a simple hat or some arm warmers or something. Or, you know, those Doctor Who TARDIS socks….

About To Get My Knit On

Because I absolutely MUST make these Doctor Who inspired dishcloths. I’ll probably double them up and use them as hotpads. It’s been a while since I attempted knitting, but I’ve done well with simple dishcloths in the past. Plus, I’m really motivated, haha.

Oh, and these patterns are free on Ravelry!


So, as I said in the previous post, I wasn’t sure if the yarn I was using would work for the winter tree pattern arm warmers, aaaand, it didn’t, so I’m making more cabled ones, and then I will select the appropriate yarn and try the tree pattern again. OR, I’ll get my knit on and try my very first cabled pattern with this beautiful scarf.  Either way, I’m going to be sitting in my cozy, comfy, warm chair, dog by my side (or more than likely in my lap), mug of hot cocoa in hand, and Supernatural on the TV.

It’s really cold out day. Weather man says wind chill of 25 tomorrow night. Turned my heater on for the first time today and it’s cozy warm in the house. My allergies are CRAZY, and my throat is killing me, so I’m about to make some homemade hot cocoa. Too bad I don’t have any cider….