Got about four inches! It’s starting to melt away now, but it sure was beautiful.


More Snow

Really coming down now! About 2 inches and still coming down. It’s a rare treat for us. And as you can see from the photos, Opie had fun frolicking about. Can’t wait to throw him some snow balls tomorrow, if it doesn’t all melt away too quickly. Temp is supposed to rise fast tomorrow.

Christmas Post!

First of all, I’m going to share this photo because I LOVE it, even though I look awful, haha. I think it sums up our Christmas, which was amazing and filled with love.

xmasfamilyThere’s nothing more important than family, and I’m so lucky that because my brother met this awesome girl and married her, we now have more amazing people in our lives. Even though there was a sad undercurrent, we were just at Evelyn’s funeral last week, we knew she was there in spirit watching her family become our family, and she was happy.

Ok, photos. I was so happy everyone loved what I made them. It fills me such warmth when I make something or a family member and they love it. It’s different from just making and selling something to a stranger, you know? And a bunch of other photos from our Xmas thrown in there.