Too Busy to Blog

But I love you guys, so here I am. I can spare some time while eating my blueberry oatmeal and having my first cup of coffee.

Here’s the deal. I need at LEAST ten hands to crochet everything I need to crochet in the amount of time I have. I have everything planned out, but it’s impossible. I need TEN hands. No, more, because I need some to constantly dump caffeine down my gullet.

I have until Labor Day to get it all finished. Labor Day weekend is the trial run for the flea market. I don’t know if I’ll even do well, but I know I’ve got to try.

So, what have I been making? Football themed mini top hats, football helmet hats, and mohawk beanies. I don’t even like football, but here in the south, especially on the TN, AL state line, where I live, it’s a huge deal. So Tennessee Vols and Alabama Crimson Tide anything is the flavor of the moment. Pictures to come.

I’m behind on reading and just about everything else. I have been watching The Killing while I work though, and it is amazing. If you love murder mysteries or are into true crime, do yourself a favor and go watch it.

Well, wish me luck.