Let’s Talk About Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on Etsy

And how much it sucks. KIDDING. Sort of. I’ve spent the last two days literally doing nothing but working on my improving the SEO in my Etsy shop after reading tons of articles and how-tos, and advice forums. In that time I only got one page of listings done, because I was that thorough and thoughtful about it. It was a lot of changing tags, titles, keywords, and descriptions, waiting a bit for the changes to show up on search, then searching and see where I was in the results, then changing and tweaking as necessary. Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat.

What did it get me? A whopping THREE whole views yesterday, and one awful headache. I am angry, frustrated, and yes, ready to give up. Read to close down my Etsy shop and spend the next few years giving way my items as Christmas and birthday gifts. It’s so depressing I don’t even want to create anything. My whole mindset is clouded with it, with the failure and lack of views and sales, and how my dream of making a living selling things I create is probably nothing but a pipe dream.

I’m sorry to be such a downer, and for throwing my own pity party. But I need to rant a bit today, get out of my system. I don’t even want to look at my shop today. Maybe I should take a break…


Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

It’s a cool cloudy day, which means I finally got outside on the patio for a photoshoot. And I had A LOT of new stuff to photograph. I guess I’ll spend the next few days doing listings. Also, doing a giveaway soon!



So I’m browsing my feed on Facebook and see this. Those are a pair of earrings from my shop, so I was kind of shocked. What I need to know is if this is just another Facebook privacy violation for the sake of ads? Like, am I the only one who sees it because Facebook knows that’s my Etsy shop, or can everyone see it? Probably not, but it would be awesome and send traffic to my shop, which I desperately need right now.