Happy Halloween!!

Not dressing up this year or really doing anything. But I wanted to share some photos of my costumes over the last few years.


I’ve been everything from a bearded lady to Scout’s ham costume from To Kill a Mockingbird.

Storms are headed this way, and I feel bad that it’s going to ruin Halloween for all the kids. As for me, horror movies, a couple drinks, and some candy.


October: The Month of Bradbury

october[1]Nobody captures the spirit of fall like Ray Bradbury. Nobody. And that’s why I always dedicate the month of October to him. We lost him last year, and it broke my heart. Bradbury was/is without equal. Everything he ever wrote managed to be equal parts nostalgic and innovative, and his stories made us remember that we were children once, and it’s okay to hold on to that for as long as possible.  I have read and re-read his works more times than I can count, and I never tire of them. They bring out the best in me.

the-halloween-tree_edited-1[1]9780380973873[1]somethingwicked[1]247-1[1]Ray-bradbury-content-marketing[1]Thanks for everything, Mr. Bradbury.


Crochet Pattern of the Week: SKULLS!

It’s been a while since I’ve done this. I’m trying not to neglect my blog anymore and do weekly posts with book recs, Etsy finds, awesome patterns, and stuff I’m working on. So here we go.


Skull Shawl Pattern

I just came across this on Ravelry and I’m in love! I’d definitely like to make this for the fall/Halloween season. My list of to-makes is getting as long as my list of to-reads.

Wreaths, Update

So we’ve been working on getting some wreaths ready, and it’s been pretty fun. Anything to do with fall, I’m in. We’re also making It’s A Boy/Girl wreaths, and as soon as the good Halloween stuff is out, I will definitely be making Halloween wreaths. Other than that, I’ve been making more hats, mostly the team themed mohawk hats, because I feel those are going to do well around here. I have a huge list of things I want to make for the upcoming fall and Halloween season, and as I’ve said before, I need 10 hands.

One more month of stinky, humid summer, and then AUTUMN, the best time of the year. I got a cinnamon pumpkin candle and Bath & Body Works and can’t wait to light it up. And then Halloween decorations for outside, making something to eat with pumpkin in it everyday, scary movies and books, leaves, cider, and on and on. I am in love with fall, always have been, and I am impatiently awaiting its arrival.

Flea Market open on Labor Day weekend. I’m still nervous about it, but hopefully all will be well.