Low Carb Cheesecake = 99% Success

99% success because I hate Stevia and should have known better than to add it to the almond meal and butter crust. But other than that, delicious!

Here’s the recipe, if you’d like to try making it yourself!


A bit of a direction change…

So, I’ve been posting about my PCOS a little more lately. When I first got this blog I didn’t expect it to do much, but I’ve gained so many awesome followers and I’m so happy about that. Almost all the people who follow me are fellow crafters, whether it be crocheting, knitting, sewing, or making jewelry, I love all you guys and what you post. I guess I didn’t want to bring my disease into this blog because I thought it would interfere somehow, but now I’m realizing that since it’s such a huge part of my life, of course it’s going effect all other things, which includes my handmade business.

I’ve also been taking my PCOS more seriously lately. I was diagnosed 3 years ago, and I was worried about it, but I don’t think I knew at the time exactly how serious it is and how I would have to change my life to get better. So now, as I begin to implement little changes into my lifestyle and diet in an attempt to control my symptoms, feel better, and get healthier, I want to document it here, along with the other aspects of my life, like crafting. I hope I’ll get more followers who have the same struggle, because if there’s one thing I’ve learned, having a support group really does go a long way to keep you motivated and on track.

So what have I been doing? I’ve slowing been experimenting with low-carb/ketogenic recipes, which for me, has to be a complete and permanent lifestyle change, not just a fad diet. Tons of women with PCOS have had great success with this diet, so I’m hopeful. I’m going to document the recipes I use and if they are successful so I’ll be able to keep track of them here.

I’ve also started drinking Bulletproof coffee, which I’m really excited about. It DOES give me extra energy and focus and doesn’t give me the shakes like other coffees do. I’ve been taking cinnamon and chromium pills, recommended for women with PCOS because it boosts metabolism, helps controls blood sugar, and curves cravings for sweets.

Tonight I made homemade pizza with low carb crust, and it was pretty much a success, although I’d like to find a better recipe. This one was tasty, but a bit chewy, but I didn’t really notice it wasn’t regular crust.


It was made using mozzarella cheese, cream cheese, one egg, almond flour, and garlic salt. I think this recipe would actually do better as a breadstick rather than a pizza crust because it did fall apart when I tried to eat and I had to use a fork. Here’s the recipe if you want to give it a try!